arsenal, 2001
detail view
carpet and assortment of altered toy weapons
l 12 x w 15' x h 10'

Arsenal is set in a gray u-shaped room. Entering the space the viewer is assaulted by an assortment of weapons aimed towards them. On the back wall two identical uniforms hang side by side. They consist of gray turtlenecks, gray skirts and gray loafers. The floor is covered with a rug that has two large bloodstain patterns. The arsenal of weapons that are displayed on the two facing walls are identical mirrored reflections of one another. They consist of an assortment of weapons that cover a variety of film genres ranging from ninja to cowboy. In contrast to the cool subject matter, design and coloration the room is lit in a warm welcoming light.

The space alludes to an action or to a performance that has already occurred. The realization that is staged becomes apparent through the discovery that the weapons are actually toys and that the bloodstain of the rug is a fabricated pattern. The space fluctuates between the idea of a playroom and that of an arsenal. Arsenal acts as a facade. Initially violent, but under closer inspection reveals itself as a carefully contrived playroom. It deals with issues of collaboration and play, especially the dynamics of either getting along or failing to do so.

all images © Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann 2000-2007